April 2012


Hi liz,

This may have filtered through to you already via Susie G! - however we wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with Ollie’s progress!  He and Sophie are progressing steadily together and have started off the year’s eventing with a win at the British Eventing Jump Training Finals at Solihull BE100!  We were so excited and thrilled - greatly assisted by having had Susie giving us some training at  a Somerford camp.    Olls and Sophie are developing such a wonderful partnership together - and we hope they will continue to enjoy their first year in British Eventing.  Olls has only had 2 fences down in 10 BE competitions,  he has finished in the top 10 from 10 BE  competitions and finished on his dressage score from 5 BE ODE’s!  We adore him - he is a real softy with a great attitude and such a character.  I always think back to when we visited your yard and how lucky we were to have brought him home.  We’ll keep you posted throughout the year as to how things go.  Many thanks Liz, with our best wishes,
Jacqui, Sophie and Olls xxx