November 2011


This is Proud or Proud Prado as he is called and Pj at home. He is now 8 and is amazing! He won 4 and 2nd in 2 BE 90 s as 6 yr old. He very rarely goes out without being placed. He had last season off apart from two when he was 1 ST at Rodbaston which is where the photo was taken then 6 th in 1st 100. I had major back surgery 14 months ago hence the break! This season he has really grown up. Been placed most times out. 3 seconds, and one missing a win at Somerford BE 100 by 0. 3 of a penalty! Just finished last week at Norton Disney and he finished on his dressage to be 6 th ! He was robbed! I’m 57 now and I’ve done everything with him myself. He is 17.1 now but he is very quick with his legs and very athletic for a big horse. U can check his record of course at any time on BE site. Sorry for leaving it so long!! Kind regards Marg Whalley. Hope u remember us!  X