September 2009


Hi Liz,
 I hope you are well?
 I’ve finally managed to get hold of some elusive pictures of Billy- (Now called Wizz/ Wizzle!- due to Billy wizz and the fact that it seems to be quite apt for him the mucky bugger!) Attatched are a couple of photos from a 3 day clinic about a month ago now where he was absolutely fab and earned lots of admirers!
 Since then we’ve been to his first unaffiliated dressage at Southview against some very smart looking  ( not prelim) horses and despite attempting to jump the white boards (because that what jumping horses do mummy- Why on earth should i stay one side of them!?) he ended up 3rd with 68%.
We did our first hunter trial at Llanymynech a couple of weeks ago and he thought that big open fields and xc jumps were marvelous fun and despite not being a big fan of dead patches of grass or hay racks he zipped around loving it!
 Finally he did his first baby ode last weekend and ended up 4th out of about 25 with a 33 dressage 1 sj run out at a very scary fish type sj ( partly my fault too!) and then clear xc - up and down steps and over ditches etc no problem- i am thinking however he enjoyed it so much i may be having to do some bit upgrading in the not too distant future!   You can see the pics from the xc if you follow this link
Basically wizz has been an absolute star and not put a foot wrong- out hacking he’s the brave on- leading the supposed nanny horses!  To do in general he is a sweetie and loves all the fuss and attention he gets, he cant help but draw attention where ever he goes- i just have to keep reminding myself he’s only 4 as he’s so grown up about everything!
 He’s off down to uni with me next week to a lovely yard with its own xc course etc and my plans for the winter include some BD and BSJA to keep him ticking over before we aim for the 5yo classes out with BE next year!-  I can’t wait!
Thank you so much again for a horse who is such a joy to ride and to be around.
Speak spoon
Lottie x