November 2008


Hi Liz
Just thought I would let you know how we are getting on.
Ashe has been renamed thanks to my two young daughters who love the film Narnia and now Ashe is now Azlan. It took him a couple of weeks to get use to it. Initially he was completely oblivious to my calls when he was out in the field but now comes to his new name.
Azlan is loved by all on the yard as he has the most wonderful temperament and people can’t believe how mature his attitude is for a 3 year old, it even amazes me how good he is. If his temperament is an example of his bloodline then I would highly recommend Timeless/Goodtimes progeny.
Azlan has not put a foot wrong since he arrived in August. Apart from being a very dirty in his stable I have given up on shavings and now put him on straw which he is much better on.
Anyway on to the important stuff, as usual time flys by and we were now in the middle of November and I had not got round to sitting on him for one reason and other. So last weekend I bit the bullet and decided that it was time to break him in properly. Of course he had been worked on the lunge, long reined, saddle on and lent on but had not progressed any further.
Due to the fact that he doesn’t seem to be fazed by any thing you ask of him. I just knew I could trust him. So once I was on board and had been led round the arena once I knew I could go off on my own, which I did and he was as good as gold. I didn’t want to be lunged on him due to a previous bad experience I had, with my first youngster. I was right that I could trust him as he never put his back up once and didn’t do anything naughty. This so far has been the easiest horse I have ever been involved with to break in.
I look forward to our winter training and the young horse classes next year.
Thanks for a lovely horse he was just what I needed.