Hi Liz,
Hope you are well & are enjoying married life!
I thought it was about time I updated you on Indi.  She is really well and has filled out and muscled up.  She is stunning and wherever we are people stop to admire.
We have worked hard on her flat work, she has fabulous paces and is a joy to watch.  I had forgotten how challenging young horses could be, but I have enjoyed every minute.  She seems to have grown up recently, so all our hard work is paying off.
I am now at my friends’ yard which is great, as it is the next best thing to having our own place.  They have 26 acres which we can hack over which is fun after a schooling session.  We are planning to join the Northern Dressage Group as they hold competitions and clinics close to us.
Thanks again for all the help and advice you gave me at the beginning.
Philippa (Haram)  x

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