August 2007


Dear Liz,


I’ve had Harvey AKA Wonderboy a month now and just thought I’d let you know how we are getting on - which is just fab!
Both my instructor and I love him to pieces.  He’s sensible, laid back and extremely trainable with a fantastic nature. We are having to stop ourselves from asking too much of him too soon, he’s just so balanced and straight for a four-year-old it’s hard not to get carried away. I know that you broke him and he’s a credit to you.

There’s more than a few people on my yard that are dying to get on him - not a chance!
We’ve started hacking him and he’s so brave in traffic but that’s cos he doesn’t see it – he spends most of him time on a hack with his quarters stuck in the road looking in people’s windows and gardens!!
He loves being groomed and fussed over and everyone already has him down as
a proper mummy’s boy – in a good way! He’s so affectionate and not got a bad bone in his body. We’ve bonded already and I couldn’t be happier.

I think you sold me an absolute bargain Liz and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

We are aiming to take him to his first ever competition in September – I have high hopes! Will let you know how we do.


Many, many thanks