March 2006

During the last 12 monthes I have purchased 2 lovely youngsters from Liz Sutcliffe. They are both genuine, well mannered, athletic individuals with very trainable temperaments.
Both my horses spent some time at livery with Liz so I have seen  many of the horses bought in to sell and I can honestly say whether it be a 10 year old schoolmaster to a 4 year old serious competition prospect they are all blessed with the same important qualities.
Having an eye for a horse is a rare gift which only comes with experience - so if you are seriously looking for a quality horse a visit to Liz Sutcliffe is an absolute must.
Lauren Taylor Interiors
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I’ve known Liz Sutcliffe for 20 years, during this time Liz has sourced quality horses and ponies for riders of varying abilities. Liz always tries to find the right mount for the right rider.

Many of the horses found by Liz have turned out to be true Superstars competing in all disciplines at all major National and International events. One such horse was Cameron a wonderful dun horse found by Liz as a youngster and carefully produced. Cameron was sold to Tina Gifford as a future international event horse. Cameron lived up to expectations and competed at Burleigh and Badminton and later sold to a French international event rider.

Liz goes to a lot of trouble to find these quality horses and many of her client’s come back time after time. This in itself is a testament to the trust that people place in Liz’s ability to find a genuine sound animal and very importantly someone they can seek advice from in the longer term should this be required.

Patricia Mallaburn
Dressage Judge


Chorley Equestrian Centre is a busy family run riding school and has been operating for approx. 20 years! In that time we have had many many horses which have had to be safe and suitable rides for our clients. I have know liz Sutcliffe for about 17 years and during that time she has supplied me with many of those horses! When she knows exactly what you want she will try her best to find a suitable horse for you, and if she finds one and it turns out not to be quite the one you wanted, she will find another one and exchange it. She is always pleasant and reliable, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone that is looking for a suitable horse.

Janet Berry
Proprietor - Chorley Equestrian Centre


I have known Liz Sutcliffe for over seven years and she has always managed to find ponies and horses to suit both my daughter and other customers that I have taken to her. I have run Greenlands Equestrian Centre - a show venue and livery yard for fifteen years, and I would not hesitate to recommend Liz to anyone who asks. My daughter was a nervous ‘pony club’ rider and Liz supplied me with a beautiful 14 hh confidence giving mare called Willow who brought Emma on towards BSJA level. She then found me Applejax Sky Eye, a 148 cms BSJA pony who Emma clicked with straight away and has positively cleaned up in this area and had much success throughout the country. When I asked Liz to find me a pony to run alongside, she found a lovely 138 cms Jumping Jigsaw. Both these ponies are pictured below. I would recommend Liz if you are looking for anything from a quiet hack to a competition horse or pony. I have had customers who have already bought an unsuitable horse or pony from elsewhere, and Liz has willingly sorted out their situation and supplied them with a more suitable mount. Mandy Wilson Greenlands Equestrian Centre Tel 016974 73374 (Cumbria). Sport Horse Sales TestimonialSport Horse Sales TestimonialSport Horse Sales Testimonial


I have sent many clients of varying levels to Liz as she always has such a good selection of sound competition horses and ponies.

Chris Armour
Event Rider and Trainer